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Question   RSS Feed
i agree, a RSS feed would be a great idea... it would remind people to check you out frequently! that being said,l I LOVE the "where's my mommy" photo!!! absolutely gorgeous!

-  April 07, 2009

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Question   Inspiring
You have a great eye and real artistic ability! I hope you are as good an eye doctor.

I'm definitely bookmarking your site to keep up with it. You should look into developing an RSS feed for updates on pictures.

- Mark Sweeney November 06, 2008

  Answer Ilove your self portrait on a "Snowy night"

- Paula Franco  December 26, 2010

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Question   beautiful and inspiring
They are truly amazing. I've never seen images captured on film the way you have captured them. I will be looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing.

- vaun blondell November 03, 2008

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Question   Front Page Photo
WOW!!! I absolutely love the new photo on your front page. Fantastic job, as always, Daddy. Love you.

- Miss Amata S. October 08, 2008

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Question   Great job!
Hey Chet! I logged onto your site to see what you've been up to in the world of digital photography and I can see that you've been busy. I love your pictures and I'm glad to see you are expanding and showing your work at a gallery! Keep 'em coming, you are an inspiration to me.

-  August 05, 2008

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Question   Family
Hello Daddy.
I would like to ask why you don't have more photos of your amazing daughters on your site? Either way, they love and miss you very much. Can't wait for your gallery opening in July. I'm so proud of you!

I love you. Amata.

- Miss Amy Scerra June 27, 2008

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Question   all
Spectacular!, a true talent. Even I truly found enjoyment and actual relaxation viewing this collection.


- Ted Woodcome May 14, 2008

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Question   I love your work!
Hi Chet,
I LOVE your work!!! I would say I love your photos, but this is so much more than photos. I love the color and the feeling you capture. My Mom told me about some pictures you took of the babies in the ward. I would love to see those some time. You are so incredibly talented!!! Cathy is stunning in the picture you took of her in the light. Beautiful! Take care.

- Chris Contini April 11, 2008

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Question   lovely work!!
You emailed me by mistake but I followed your link anyway...so glad I did...what wonderful, inspiring art.
Thank you!

-  January 30, 2008

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Question   Beautiful work!!!
Your work is truly awesome!!!! Stunning and outstanding! Love it all!

- Paula Showen November 13, 2007

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Question   Creative Digital Art
I have a lot of photographs and movie clips in my collection... but you have ART!

Thanks for pointing me to your website.

-  October 09, 2007

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Question   New Work
Hi Chet -- it's always a pleasure to visit your site and see your new work. Your photos are wonderful! Marilyn B.

-  September 13, 2007

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Question   your work
What an unbelievable work of art each photo is! Truly amazing, brilliant and quite breath taking. Rach just told me about your site! I was in aw of your talent, your vision and your expounding on life's pupose. I see great love in your work. I would love to learn how to create my own photo's.

-  August 16, 2007

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Question   about me...
Followed your link from optcomlist. Nice web display of your photos. How about a self portrait using the old mirror trick. The photo in "About Me..." did not satisfy my curiosity.

-  July 14, 2007

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Question   Old Barn and Farm House
I grew up in Northern Wisconsin where my Polish Grandparents and Father farmed. These photos of old barns and a farm house are great. When I see them I ask myself: who built them? why were they built? were they a mistake and soon abandoned or made obsolete because the tractor was too big? do they show that even buildings are disposable today? or did they serve for many years and bring great joy to their owners because they filled an important role? these buildings were mostly poorly constructed, were they a last gasp to keep the farm financially afloat? or were they built after a few good years when money was little bit easier? The farm house, who built it? how did the mother of the house feel when she saw it completed? Why was a very expensive metal roof put on this rather poorly constucted home? were there many happy times in this house? did they leave the home for better things? I wish each of these buildings had a book with these answers in a safe place so we could read it.
What are the things that are in these photos that we don't see. The first time my Father saw a Pennsylvania Dutch barn he commented that it only had one large door. He said old barns in Wisconsin always have a door on the opposite side because it is very difficult to back a wagon out with a team of horses (not much easier with a tractor for that matter). Because of that comment, I once asked an old Pennslyvania Dutch farmer why only one door in the barns, especially those built when horses had been used. He said it was a matter of pride. They prided themselves on their ability to back up a team of horses. As a result of that, their barns reflected their pride in their ability to handle horses. These photos will reveal more to us the closer and longer we look. Chet, great job!

-  February 05, 2007

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Question   compliment
Hey Chester like the gallery. Thanks for the invite

- Cheryl E. Molennor October 19, 2006

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Question   Great Site
Beautiful pictures. You always were a great photographer! :)

-  April 07, 2006

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Question   Nice Site
I like the colors and layout.

Kenny Adams
Image enVision.com

-  December 02, 2005

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